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University of Waterloo to use Cloud DX Tech to Improve Treatment for Neurological Disorders Affecting 1 in 6 People


UWaterloo's Faculty of Health to use Cloud DX's Connected Health TM to supplement in-clinic assessment with data gathered at home to advance personalized care for patients with neurological disorders such as stroke, dementia, and/or Parkinson's disease

News in Summary

  • Contract with UWaterloo to span years and impact hundreds of patients
  • 1 in 6 people are impacted by neurological disorders
  • New Connected Health TM use case will support patients with neurodegenerative diseases and/or neurological injuries

WATERLOO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / November 10, 2021 / Cloud DX (TSXV:CDX)(OTCQB:CDXFF) , Researchers from the University of Waterloo's Faculty of Health have partnered with Cloud DX, whose Connected Health TM Virtual Care Platform will augment care of those suffering with neurological disorders such as Parkinson's disease, stroke, dementia, and more. The team at University of Waterloo will integrate Connected Health TM into their research program to collect vital health data insights supplementary to clinic visits. Connected Health TM enables care teams to access data gathered from home and create personalized treatments tailored specifically around each patient's needs. The research will start in early 2022. Similar contracts involving the Connected Health TM Virtual Care Platform announced so far in 2021 include:

  • reimbursed RPM contract with Maxwell Telecare;
  • direct to patient e-commerce agreement with Dagamma;
  • partnership with Prizm Media; bringing Cloud DX access to more than 1 million patients in North America. 1

Dr. Bill McIlroy of University of Waterloo said, "With the help of Cloud DX's Connected Health TM platform, we'll be able to deliver unprecedented personalized care for each neurological patient. That means the potential for better care that can lead to superior health outcomes and improved quality of life. Having access to this data collected at home provides unique opportunities to transform health monitoring and care. The Cloud DX platform's advancements, along with advances in wearable technologies, will afford our clinicians the opportunity to better adjust and personalize their treatment approach based on individual patients' experiences and measurable numbers acquired at home. It's like the difference between a one-size-fits-all approach versus a custom-tailored wardrobe. Since each patient is unique, the custom-tailored approach creates a better fit and the potential for a vastly superior deliverable."

"While personalized care isn't new, helping neurological patients through the integration of at-home and in-clinic data collection is a new path forward for Virtual Care as a Platform," says Robert Kaul, Founder and CEO of Cloud DX. "Our Connected Health TM Virtual Care platform and extensive expertise with chronic illnesses like these help our partners and clients give patients the personalized care they need. We also put people in control of their health journey and bring them closer to their care team. Think about a dementia patient who is prescribed a new medication and develops irregular blood pressure. If they have Connected Health TM , their care team is notified of the changed vital sign and can quickly take action; a quick video chat and a fax to the pharmacy and the patient has a new prescription to be monitored on. Our Connected Health TM Virtual Care Platform makes it that simple for patients to get improved care and better health outcomes."

Cloud DX's upcoming investor meeting is set for noon on December 8, 2021. You can register here. Leadership will discuss Virtual Care as a Platform and associated revenue streams.

Additional Information:

Bill McIlroy, PhD., is a Professor in the Department of Kinesiology and Health Sciences, University of Waterloo. His research seeks to help individuals improve their recovery after a neurological injury such as a stroke. He is the Director of the Neuroscience, Mobility and Balance Lab (NiMBaL) at UWaterloo. He co-leads the Waterloo site of the Ontario Neurodegenerative Disease Research Initiativewith Dr. Karen Van Ooteghem.ONDRI is supported by the Ontario Brain Institute.Doctors McIlroy and Van Ooteghem direct the Wearables and Remote Measurement platform that works to advance the application of remote technology to improve health living with neurodegenerative disease.

1 Maxwell Telecare provides access to approximately 25,000 qualifying patients. Prizm Media has a patient database of over one million US chronic illness patients. Dagamma's e-commerce site receives up to 50,000 monthly visitors.

About University of Waterloo's Faculty of Health

The University of Waterloo's Faculty of Health is committed to improving quality of life for individuals, communities and populations through innovative education and research activities, and is a leader in the development of strategies that prevent disease and injury, protect and promote healthy living, optimize physical ability, and improve well-being across the life course.

About Cloud DX

Accelerating virtual healthcare, Cloud DX is on a mission to make healthcare better for everyone. Our Connected Health TM remote patient monitoring platform is used by healthcare enterprises and care teams across North America to virtually manage chronic disease, enable aging in place, and deliver hospital-quality post-surgical care in the home. Our partners achieve better healthcare and patient outcomes, reduce the need for hospitalization or re-admission, and reduce healthcare delivery costs through more efficient use of resources. Cloud DX is the co-winner of the Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE, a 2021 Edison Award winner, a Fast Company "World Changing Idea" finalist, and one of "Canada's Ten Most Prominent Telehealth Providers."

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